04 July 2016
04 Jul 2016

IX Iberian Week

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Starting July 4, over 100 lay and religious Dehonians from Spain and Portugal are meeting for Iberian Week. Joining them is Fr. Paulus Sugino, SCJ, of the general council.

It is a journey of five days of formation with the theme of “Sint Unum; United in Charism and Mission.” It is to be a starting point for reflection on the shared mission. It will also be a time to strengthen the bonds of communion among participants, as well as have fun together.

Begun in 1981, this is the ninth edition of this initiative. The collaboration between the two provinces is a realization of what is asked for by the General Directory in No. 104, which encourages meetings and interprovincial gatherings that contribute to international collaboration, a sense of belonging to the Congregation and lifelong learning.

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