24 November 2016
24 Nov 2016

Lector and Acolyte Inauguration

by  Yohanes de BrittoJorgi, scj

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2016-11-24 INA

On Thursday, the 17th of November 2016, a great happiness filled the hearts of all Dehonians in the Scholasticate of Jogjakarta. In a special Mass, before all confreres, the provincial superior of Indonesia, Fr. Alexander SaptaDwiHandoko, SCJ blessed four scholastics who were inaugurated as lector and acolyte. They are Antonius Edi Prasetyo, SCJ; Fidelis NunungTriatmoko, SCJ; BonifaciusJuspaniLasse, SCJ; and Antonius Tugiyatno, SCJ.

In the introduction of the Mass, the rector of scholasticate, Fr. FX. Tri PriyoWidharta, SCJ retold the reflection which was made by the new lectors and acolyte during their triduum. This moment is such a reconfirmation and encouragement for their vocation toward becoming a Dehonian priest. One of them said in his reflection, that to become a “legal” lector means realizing more responsibility in his vocation. Another scholastic wrote in his reflection that the inauguration is a moment which becomes a sign for a closer and happier relationship with God. The new lector and acolyte realizes that the inauguration is a moment for them to reaffirm their will to answer the God’s calling, to make present the graces of the Lord, and the face of the Lord, to the people around them. 2016-11-24bis INA

Fr. Sapta, in his homily shared the reason why our congregation puts the inauguration of lector and acolyte close to the priestly ordination, after final vows. He explained that there are two meanings within the lector and acolyteinstallation. First, the installation is a preparation for the scholastic to do greater pastoral ministry. Besides that, the council of SCJ believes that the inaugurationis held in order to give strength and confirmation for the new lector and acolyte.

The mass was enriched and made sacred with the voice of scholastics’ choir. The other special thing that happened was all the members of the provincial council joined the Mass in a collaboration. After the mass all confreres gathered at the refectory andcontinued the happiness with a special dinner.


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