30 January 2024
30 Jan 2024

Meeting of Latin American Treasurers

During the week of January 15-19, the last continent-wide meeting of the Congregation's treasurers was held in Recife.

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From January 15 to 19, the last continental meeting of SCJ treasurers took place in Recife, Brazil. In fact, we were just missing the Latin American treasurers. This meeting was fraternal, intense, beautiful, and useful. Particularly, the morning sharing with Mr. Pedro Lopes, a financial consultant of the BRE Province and an expert in following religious institutes and dioceses in northeast Brazil was considered valuable. From his input emerged the need to act professionally so that we will be able to frame, protect and then allocate the assets of the Congregation according to the needs of our charism. Prevention is always better than cure!

During the meeting, participants raised the question on how fundamental the sharing of our goods is in order to serve the Church and especially the poor we encounter on our way.

On this occasion, they expressed the desire to continue this particular type of meeting not only to increase our knowledge but also to seek common answers to problems that are shared by all and are similarly present in every continent.

The next meeting is certainly the General Chapter where the economic commission will have the opportunity to give an account on the implementation of our charism.

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