21 September 2016
21 Sep 2016

Ministry of the lector and acolyte

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2016-09-21ter IND

Dear confreres, After the inauguration of our newly established community house in Vempadu parish, on the same day, evening at 7 pm, we had one more celebration in Christu Dehon Nivas, Eluru. We had the celebration of our scholastics taking up the new ministry of the lector and acolyte. We had adoration for more than half an hour and during the adoration our scholastics were blessed for the ministry of the lector and acolyte. The adoration was very well conducted by the theologians with readings, reflections, hymns and evening prayer. Six scholastics took up the ministry of the lector and nineteen Scholastics took up the ministry of the acolyte.

2016-09-21quat INDAfter the adoration all the scholastics who were blessed for the new ministry cut the cake together with Fr. Vimala Thiyagarajan whose birthday was on the same day. We thank God for all the schlostics. May they bloom and grow as they are the future of our Indian district.

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