05 August 2017
05 Aug 2017

New Passion and Creativity for the Pastoral Vocation

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The General Superior of the Dehonians, Fr. Heiner Wilmer SCJ, on the 1st of August has written a letter to all the Dehonian confreres. Fr. Heiner Wilmer, appreciating the confreres those who had worked and are still working in the youthful and vocational atmosphere with passion and gratitude has indicated three pillars that can sustain the force, not only of the single responsible but also of the whole congregation.

Above all, it deals with the creativity to activate the young men in the life of the Dehonian communities, “losing time” for them, listening to them actively and creating the space to share with them.

lettera-vocazionale EN

Fr. Heiner Wilmer lists the three important elements that follows “in their thirst for Life, their hunger for justice and their desire to love”. He questions us: Our communities, are they attractive places to find a deeper lifestyle to serve?

It is important to allow the young men and women to participate and to take decisions in the process of our choice making, even if they are skeptical, unfaithful and strong critics. The question what dehonians should be doing today, is not addressed only to God, not to us but also to the young men and women. One cannot neglect the responsibility to pray for the vocations. The first Thursday of the month be the day of the intensive prayer for the vocations.

The care for the new vocations and the same for the future of the congregation is put in the hands of the elderly confreres for they will have an important task as the grandpas for their grand nephews.

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