03 October 2017
03 Oct 2017

Final Message of the Meeting

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We present the final message of the major superiors of Latin America written following their meeting in Paraguay from September 25-29, 2017. They express openness to new things and a desire to respond to challenges.

Final Message of the Meeting of Latin American Superiors

During these days of meeting, in a climate of hope and fraternity animated by the presence of the general superior and his vicar, we shared the reality of our entities, evaluated our encounters as a congregation and our path in Latin America. We also reflected on our missionary presence in Uruguay, the possibility of strengthening the Spanish language scholasticate, and considered the challenge of Fr. General to study the feasibility of launching new missions in Mexico and Colombia. At the same time, it was important to continue to reflect on the need for restructuring the small entities of Latin America to respond to new realities. Along with this, planning for the second Continental Conference, entrusted to the BRE Province, has begun. As a formative component, the group reviewed the work of the theological conference recently held in Yogyakarta, and in closing, together with the general superior, the dates of the canonical visits to the entities in 2019 were defined.

We are grateful for the welcome that the confreres showed to us from the mission of Paraguay. We had the opportunity to share different moments of fraternity and celebrations with the parish communities of San Isidro, San Julián in Limpo and Santa Teresita in Asunción.

We know the challenges the Lord puts before us today, as well as our weaknesses and limitations. With hope and abandonment, we want to respond with dynamic fidelity to God today. United as a congregation in the Heart of Jesus, we ask our brothers to pray to the Lord of the Masses to send new workers and open our hearts to embrace with a generous and helpful heart the challenges that arise.

In the Heart of Christ,
The Major Superiors of Latin America

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