22 December 2021
22 Dec 2021

Perpetual Profession in India

Five confrers receive perpetual profession In India. A group interview to know their inspirations and aspirations.

by  Tinu Thomas Padapurakkal, scj

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On the feast day of Immaculate Conception, 8 December2021, and Indian district welcomed five conferrers to perpetual profession. The five confrers are   Bro. Alex John, Bro. Johnson Francis, Bro. Silarapu Kiran Kumar, Bro. Lourdu Prem Kumar and Bro.Thomas. R, The district superior Fr. Rinu Jose SCJ evoked the candidates with introductory words to be faithful to their calling .Fr. Michael Augustine SCJ shared reflection on purity of the heart and clarity of the mind for priority in religious ,taking inspiration from the life of St.Joseph, Mary and Fr. Dehon .The day was enriched with presence of Dehonians and family members of the candidates.

You chose the theme for your final commitment from the second letter of corintans , 2:15; “To be the fragrance of Christ to God”. Why ?

Br. Thomas. R, scj: Final vows, is to fully offer oneself to the lord. As Christ offered himself fully to god we are his followers at least try to be fragrance of Christ in our daily life, and through that, and through him we try to offer ourselves to god

What inspired you to be a Dehonian?

Br. Lourdu Prem Kumar, scj: Two things have inspired me to be a dehonian the first one is charism of our congregation that is “reparatory oblation for the Love of Christ” as  dehonians we are invited to repair a broken world with the love of Christ, secondly I also inspired by the person called father Leo John Dehon and is dedication towards helping the labourers, the youths and the seminarians. His very personality inspired me to be a Dehonian. To work as he worked, to spread the love and Justice as he spread, to stand for the marginalised as he did in his life.

How does  Fr. Dehon inspire you ?

Br. Silarapu Kiran Kumar, scj: I like the aspect of love from Fr. Dehon spirituality. Love is the centre and source of everything in the world, I take that aspect of love, so that I can spread it, where ever I go, I would like to give love of God. This love transforms.

What sort of religious you want to be?

Br. Johnson Francis, scj: I want to be a religious who is joyful even in the midst of struggles and who is available to the people and the church and the congregation.

What is the greatest joy of being a Dehonian?

Br. Alex John, scj:My greatest joy is the joy of being in the community. Today as the ful pledged member of the congregation I am all the more enthusiastic and to embrace this community life.

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