17 May 2018
17 May 2018

Pilgrimage to Dehonian places

by  Maria Ceraolo/ Zeferino Policarpo, scj

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Orme-dehon 1

The extended formation courses organized at the Generalate in Rome, in addition to giving specific training in an area, also offer an opportunity for participants to live the spirit of the charism of the founder by examining his origins.

For this reason, at the end of the treasurers’ course that took place during the first five months of the year, participants, along with other confreres in Rome, were able to go on a pilgrimage of Dehonian places. These are places where Fr. Dehon lived, where the congregation was born and where it came to life. They include places visited by Fr. Dehon, places he considered of great importance for his formative and spiritual journey.

Orme-dehon 3

For this reason, there are many sites along the journey: the work of Don Bosco in Turin; Paray-le-Monial, cradle of the spirituality of the Sacred Heart; Soissons, the diocese to which Fr. Dehon belonged; La Chapelle, Paris and Saint-Quentin, where Fr. Dehon was born, formed and was dedicated to his apostolate; Brussels, the city in which Fr. Dehon spent the last years of his life; and many other places that will be touched on during this journey.

A website was created to share the journey with others: www.luoghidehoniani.org. Contributions from various confreres will be shared on the site.

Orme-dehon 8

There are moments of spiritual and cultural enrichment, of community and fraternity among the 27 participants who come from many entities of the Congregation. It is an opportunity for them to know the stories of the congregation in the places where they happened.



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