10 April 2017
10 Apr 2017

Preparing for the congregational theological seminar

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CSD Yogyakarta-workshop 2

The next theological seminar for the congregation will be held in July in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, with the theme “Devotions and charism – toward an enculturated Dehonian identity.”

CSD Yogyakarta-workshop 3

The planning committee held its final meeting March 27-28 in Rome. Members of the committee include Frs. Artur Sanecki, Stefan Tertünte, Juan José Arnaiz Ecker, Pedro Iglesias, Leszek Poleszak and Maurizio Rossi. They took into account the preparatory work of the continental commissions which focused on the lived experience of devotions and theological reading among Dehonians. The question now to be addressed is the effect of the Dehonian charism on how SCJs pray and how it is a part of their identity.

CSD Yogyakarta-workshop 4

A dossier will be prepared with all of the commission reports; this will be sent to seminar participants. The committee also began to develop a detailed program for the seminar. This will be finalized with the planning committee in Indonesia. CSD Yogyakarta-workshop 5Hopefully, this moment of sharing and in-depth reflection on an everyday element of Dehonian life, namely prayer, will help to further develop our Dehonian identity.


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