30 November 2017
30 Nov 2017

TeleDehon: Young people on mission in Albania

by  Maria Ceraolo

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TeleDehon Albania-2

“Starting with faith in the Lord, with love open to everyone, we can change mankind…” We borrow the words of this famous song that we often hear at Sunday Mass to present a video of our Dehonian station “TeleDehon” whose protagonists are young people in some of our Dehonian parishes in Southern Italy, people who have tried to put these words into practice.

TeleDehon Albania-1

Listen to the words of these young people, filled with this spirit, who have tried to help those who are most in need, sometimes not even far away, because sometimes even a few miles from us on the other side of the sea is a reality unknown to us that fills us with joy and wonder and makes us think that something good still can be built in this too often individualistic world that is blind and deaf to the cry for help from those around us.

We invite you watch and listen to the video to stimulate your reflection on what it can mean today, for each of us (men, women, young people, adults, laity and consecrated people) to be missionaries, and how much the missionary experience can enrich us: “To be missionaries means to learn to look away from oneself and to support those who really need it.”

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