25 November 2021
25 Nov 2021

The 57th Anniversary of the death of Bishop Joseph Wittebols, scj

57 years ago, on 26 November 1964, Bishop Joseph Wittebols was killed during the “Simba rebellion”.

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«The attitude of total abandonment to the good will of the Father fully marked the life of Our Lord. This is what makes Jesus the only victim, without blemish, the only one pleasing to the Father, the only one capable of redeeming humanity by repairing the offense done to God. To be a victim he became human, and he gave witness to it all his life, from the initial Ecce Venio to the Consummatum est on the altar of the cross. It is also the disposition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the co-redemptrix, whose life was totally guided by the desire to create with love the Ecce Ancilla Domini of the Annunciation». (Joseph Wittebols, La Donation total, 195).

57 years ago, on 26 November 1964, Bishop Joseph Wittebols was killed during the “Simba rebellion”. His death makes sense from a life dedicated to the mission; but above all, from a life given and offered to the Lord. For Him he consecrated himself and offered his life to the end.

Let us also pray for his beatification.


We thank you merciful Father
for calling your apostle and pastor
Bishop Joseph Wittebols
to the service of your Kingdom among the poor and needy,
preaching your Gospel of Love.
In the total self-gift of life
he fulfilled his consecration to the Heart of Jesus.
By professing Ecce Venio and Ecce Ancilla,
he offered himself for the people entrusted to him.
We ask you Father
that the Church may be an instrument of reconciliation and peace,
and that the seed scattered with the testimony of your servant,
may stir up new signs of the civilization of Love.
Because of his example and intercession,
give us what today we ask of you with faith …
and may we too be always rooted in you
and be strong witnesses of your name.

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