29 December 2022
29 Dec 2022

The Dehonians in Montreal and the care of the environment

A Biodiversity Cooperation Week was held in Montreal in mid-December. The Dehonian community welcomed delegates from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

by  Maurice Légaré scj

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From December 7 to 19, the COP 15 on biodiversity was held in Montreal. On this occasion, the Montreal community welcomed nine representatives from the Democratic Republic of Congo. The latter, members of the government delegation or of civil society, were able to experience Montreal hospitality and, to their delight, appreciate the beauty of snow-covered nature. Some of them already knew the Priests of the Sacred Heart from their native Congo. This is the case, among others, of Tombo Semu Blanchard, expert and legal adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Jeff Mapilanga who works for the Congolese Institute for the Nature Conservation and frequently visits our confreres in Mambasa, as well as Jonas Mongombe Monga, project manager for the Forestry Commission of ‘Central Africa. The latter, a young Lay Dehonian, will share the life of the community until the beginning of January.

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