03 February 2023
03 Feb 2023

The Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur launches a fundraising campaign

Dehonians in Canada founded the "Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur" in 1953. This year marks 70 years of its foundation. The Dehonians started a foundraising campaign.

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For its 70th anniversary, the Séminaire du Sacré-Coeur (SSC) launched the largest fundraising campaign in its history on January 19th. As part of its 70th anniversary, celebrated this year, the SSC Foundation aims to raise the sum of $700,000 over three years, in order to offer a “rejuvenation cure” to its establishment. “Our goal is to give the SSC what it needs to continue its work of education,” wrote its director general, Christian

Lavergne, in a letter which also specifies that, although it is private, the school that he runs is a non-profit organization (NPO). With this sum, the three main objectives of the fi nancing campaign will be to renovate the classrooms, common areas and develop an outdoor classroom. But still… More specifically, the SSC wants to renovate three classrooms to make them “innovative learning spaces”; addition of custom furniture, changes of tables, new computer equipment, etc. As for the common areas, the aim is to improve them in order to “achieve maximum conviviality and comfort”, both for the students and the staff members. This will be used in particular for the replacement of certain air conditioning systems, the soundproofing of the agora, as well as the maintenance and upgrading of equipment and sports facilities.

Finally, the school indicates that it is primarily the students who often made the requests related to the third point; a relaxation area, an area to play basketball, an outdoor classroom and more vegetation. A more proactive Foundation It is therefore to achieve all of this that the SSC will attempt to raise $700,000 by 2026. By targeting this record amount, the Grenville-sur-la-Rouge school (GSLR) believes in at the same time have put the efforts going there accordingly.

“Before, there wasn’t really a platform, all donations were made by check or cash. With our new website, we can now collect online and in complete security,” says Isabelle Thom,

communications and marketing coordinator at the SSC. In addition to this platform, the hiring of Ms. Thom, via the creation of her position last August, also represents a further step in the management of the SSC Foundation and therefore of its activities. “Having someone to work on it definitely makes the Foundation more proactive in fundraising,” she says, adding that the SSC is currently working on setting up its own first golf tournament, next July, in addition to the

development of an alumni committee to help the Foundation and its activities. Returns expected The former students who will participate in the Foundation Committee are not the only ones to be expected at the SSC this year. Next April, a ‘5 à 7’ is organized to receive the 2009 and 2010 promotions. …]. What is interesting is that in the middle of their journey our students are invited to fill in a time capsule, including a letter indicating where they would see themselves in 10 years. When they come back, they can open it and read it, 10 years later”, says Isabelle Thom, indicating that another evening

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