15 June 2016
15 Jun 2016

The Final Vows preparation

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2016-06-15 IND

The Final Vows preparation program for this year is conducted in India, from 05-06-2016 to 02-07-2016. There are seven participants from different parts of Asia, who comes from Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.
All the participants arrived in Dehon Vidya Sadhan, Aluva on 05.06.2016. It was also the day of the celebration of the feast of the most Sacred Heart of Jesus in the community. Next morning we began our classes on Integration of Sexuality and Spirituality by Fr. Devdas, a Claretian priest who comes from the province of Tamil Nadu. It was a well prepared class which made us to understand deeply about the importance of understanding ones own sexuality and also to channelize it productively. It was also a time of learning and understanding from different cultures and people as we come from different countries. The experience of being together for a week was really enriching.

2016-06-15bis IND

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