18 April 2016
18 Apr 2016

The General Finance Commission in Rome

by  fr. Radosław Warenda, scj

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Just underway at the Generalate is the weeklong meeting (April 18-22) of the General Finance Commission. The meeting includes representatives of the commission from all of the continents where Dehonians are present.

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At Mass on Monday morning, April 18, Fr. Heiner Wilmer, SCJ, superior general, described the work of the commission, comparing it to today’s first reading (Acts 11:1-18). That is, sometimes what pleased Jerusalem was not always right for Joppa. The purpose seems difficult because the commission’s role is to stand between Rome and the entities regarding the financial capabilities of the Congregation and the just needs of our works and projects. Fr. General hopes that the commission exercises its efforts in true freedom in Christ.

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The topics of this meeting include the commission’s guidelines and policies as proposed by the General Treasurer in regards to reviewing requests from entities for assistance from the General Aid Fund. The Commission is expected to meet with the general administration on Wednesday, April 20. The week will conclude with a visit to Tarquinia and Vetralla where the General Curia has a property.

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This gathering in Rome of the General Finance Commission is the first under the leadership of the new General Treasurer, Fr. Luca Zottoli. Returning to the commission are Dn. David Nagel (USA) and Fr. Gerhard Hemken (GER). New members include Fr. Alexander Sapta (INA), Fr. Jesús Valdezate (ESP), Fr. Emile Engoulou (CMR) and Lorival João Back (BSP).

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