16 June 2021
16 Jun 2021

Time to Start Again with Enthusiasm

The canonical visit of the Superior General and counselor Fr. Artur to the Dehonians of Southern Italy (ITM), May 03-26, 2021, took place in an Easter atmosphere.

by  P. Daniele Canali, scj

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The visit began with the meeting of the Superior General, Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú and Fr. Artur Sanecki with the Dehonian community of the Parish of the Ascension (Quarticciolo) and continued its “peregrinatio” in Central and Southern Italy, ending there where it had begun with the meeting with the ITM Provincial Council.

Travelling through Southern Italy is certainly attractive… Naples and its Amalfi coast, the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Stromboli and its sunsets, Puglia with its Frederician memories, up to touch the ancient Via Salaria, up to taste the atmosphere not only of green Umbria, but the Franciscan aura that still envelops Foligno…

If we want a beautiful itinerary. But Fr. Carlos Luis and Fr. Artur wanted to meet the brothers and for their sake they accepted the invitation and met the brothers, giving them attention, listening, answers and proposals in the individual and community meetings.

At the end of the visit, Father General brought back the serenity, the joviality, the conviviality that I had noticed on the faces of the confreres at the beginning of the visit and were still present at its end.  A bit of fatigue could not be excluded.

We, who had the joy of welcoming them at the beginning and at the end of the visit, allow ourselves, on behalf of all of us, to thank them for their attention and affection for our Religious Province. Now it is time to start again with more strength and enthusiasm, always with the Lord’s help.

The ongoing pandemic, talking with a mask and in some communities Covid or precautions present could have created anxiety, but all this did not create any anxiety in them.

 “Thank you!”

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