22 January 2017
22 Jan 2017

Venezuela: brothers in pursuit

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“We thank God who allows us to take advantage of this meeting each year so that we may walk as brothers in the pursuit of building the Kingdom of God in the reality and mission of religious life,” said the regional superior at the end of the Venezuela Regional Assembly. He thanked confreres who were gathered from January 9-13 at Casa Sagrado Corazón in Jarillo, Venezuela.

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The five days together focused on review of the “Ratio Formationis Regionalis.” Formation must be a lifelong commitment. The mornings were filled with work on the formation process, from the pastoral care of vocations to ongoing formation.

Fr. Stefan Tertünte, director of the Centro Studi Dehoniani (Dehon Study Center) in Rome, led the evening sessions. He reflected on Dehonian spirituality, community life and mission.

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During the assembly we celebrated the 80th birthday of Fr. José García Ercille and at the end, confreres from Brazil and Argentina who have been ministering in Venezuela renewed their vows.

This is a time of great difficulty in the history of Venezuela. Our confreres ask that we keep the mission in our prayers and pray in a special way for those who are losing hope.

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