20 March 2018
20 Mar 2018

Welcome to the Dehonian Year of the Chilean Province

by  Natalia Opazo

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Prophets of love, servants of reconciliation: this is the Dehonian charism. With the desire to deepen and grow in our mission, we are preparing to live a special year.

CHI-inizio-anno-dehoniano 4

With a strong call to reparation and to assume this mission as its own, the Chilean Dehonian Province has begun a celebration of the Dehonian Year 2018-2019, during which our communities will work together to revitalize the Dehonian charism in order to live with more strength than ever the love that Father Dehon gave to us, the Congregation of the Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

With the motto “And if your mission was to repair?” (and rightly, on the day when we celebrated the 175th anniversary of the birth of our Founder), a Mass, presided over by Bishop André Vital, a Dehonian religious and current Bishop of the Diocese of Limoeiro do Norte in Brazil, was held at the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception located in Cerro San Cristóbal, the largest park in the city.

CHI-inizio-anno-dehoniano 2

Approximately 500 young people from our colleges – San Juan Evangelista and Instituto Sagrado Corazón – made a pilgrimage to and actively participated in the Eucharist. Fr. Johnny Li Mesías, Superior of the Province of Chile, called on those present –– young people and educators –– to live the Dehonian Year with strength as a great community. “In this time of grace we want to deepen our Dehonian charism and make it ever more present and alive in the hearts of our communities and of the Chilean Church, he said.

CHI-inizio-anno-dehoniano 3

Msgr. Vital also had the opportunity to visit the communities of our parishes, as well as the young Dehonian seminarians who are in the process of discernment at the Formation House of San José, in Santiago.

Friday, March 16, the Province officially celebrated the start of the Dehonian Year with the seven works and communities, making the motto “And if your mission was to repair?” a real call to understand and live the idea of reparatory love.

To learn more about this celebration, about the goals and activities, you can visit the website www.dehonianoschile.cl and our social networks: Facebook.com/dehonianoschile.cl, Instagram @dehonianoschile y Canal de Youtube Dehonianos Chile

Come live the Dehonian Year with us!



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