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Country: Cameroon

30 April 2021Sergio Rotasperti  

#scjnews l 6

Interview with Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú Superior General, on his recent visit to Cameroon and Chad.

27 March 2021Joseph Kuate, scj  

The Paradoxes of Faith

Palm Sunday

20 March 2021Joseph Kuaté, scj  

Faithful to the Law of Love

Lent in the eyes of Africa: Fifth Sunday of Lent.

12 March 2021Joseph Kuate, scj  

Love without borders

Lent in the eyes of Africa: Fourth Sunday of Lent.

12 March 2021Boris Igor Signe, scj  

#scjnews | 4: Visit of the General Superior to Cameroon

From March 9 to April 13, Father Carlos Luis Suarez visits the SCJs in Cameroon.

05 March 2021Joseph Kuate, scj  

A Free Heart

Lent in the eyes of Africa: Third Sunday of Lent.

22 February 2021Boris Igor Signe, scj  

Priestly Ordination and Jubilee of the Provincialization of Cameroon

This Saturday, on February 13, 2021 the Dehonians of Cameroon gathered at the Jean Dehon International Scholasticate in Ngoya for two celebrations: the priestly ordination of Deacon Valéry Ngono SCJ and the opening of the jubilee year of the provincialization of Cameroon.

25 November 2020Michel Colince Fouteu, scj  

In distant lands: the story of a formative experience

Brother Colince Michel Fouateu, originally from the Province of Cameroon, tells us about his experience in n the country of Goethe.


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