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Country: Cameroon

24 September 2020Igor Nguepi  

Dehonians in Cameroon at the School of Management

The treasurers of the communities,and administrators of the Cameroonian province gathered for a training session.

26 August 2020Boris Signe  

Serve with joy and gratitude

Interview with Fr.David Tachago on the occasion of the 25 years of the priesthood

24 August 2020Boris Signe  

A life mastered in Availability

Interview with Fr. Leopold Mfouakouet, the former general councillor of the congregation

03 September 2019Idriss Duhamel Fotié, scj  

Religious profession in Cameroon

30 April 2018Chamberlin Dz. Ngninghaye, scj  

17th Provincial Assembly in Cameroon

13 November 2017Prosper Nyuydze Kunse, scj  

Final religious profession in Cameroon

16 October 2017Innocent Yomi Kouissi, scj  

African Continental Conference

28 August 2017Hervé Ndeffeu Fogang, scj  

CMR – Admission to the novitiate


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