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Country: Indonesia

05 July 2021

Pope accepts the resignation of Bishop Aloysius Sudarso scj

Mgr. Aloysius Sudarso scj has been serving as bishop of Palembang (Indonesia) for 28 years.

28 January 2021Tinu Thomas Padapurakkal, scj  

A prophetic mission to reach out

Social ministry to assist the immigrants from East Timor.

27 November 2020

Skolastikat SCJ (Video)

Dehonian Memorial 2020

09 September 2020Christian Hofer Samosir, scj  

Diaspora seminary is not new normal but going back to early Christian life

Minor seminary in  Indonesia introduces Diaspora seminary life

25 August 2019Alex Sapta, scj  

Asian Superiors Meeting

20 February 2018Andreas Gatot, scj  

Jangan Takut, Aku menyertaimu


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