11 November 2022
11 Nov 2022

A new presence in Norway

Meeting between the General Government, the Bishop of Trondheim and the clergy of Trondheim.

by  Ângelo José Adão, scj

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In early 2021, young Bishop Erik Varden had visited the Generalate with the intention of strengthening the congregation’s connection with Norway. Even then he described the situation in his diocese in Norway where there are 20,000 Catholics. A year later, the Superior General and his Council at the Generalate (Rome) met again with the Bishop of the Prelature of Trondheim (Norway) and the clergy of the Prelature. The meeting was an opportunity for Msgr. Varden and his clergy to learn a little about our history, spirituality and works. For this purpose, the Dehonian Study Center prepared a brief presentation of the congregation. This was also an opportunity to deepen relations with representatives of that local church where we intend to start an international mission. And already some confreres are preparing for this new presence.

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