28 February 2022
28 Feb 2022

Dehonians in Ukraine beside the people and in their aid

"We do not want to leave our parishioners. We are prepared to survive the next few days": these are the words of Fr. Tadeusz Wołos, superior of the religious community.

by  Tadeusz Wołos, scj

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“We are three Dehonians: two from Poland and one from Moldovia. our religious community is located in Irpin, about 20 km from the center of Kiev.

We too have another Dehonian presence in the western part of Ukraine, in the diocese of Zhytomyr, about 150 km from Kiev. There are 6 Dehonians: 4 from Poland, 1 Ukrainian and 2 Moldavians.

We do not want to leave our parishioners without pastoral assistance. We will stay with them until the end of this matter. We remain open to welcome people, providing them places to sleep, necessary food, some financial help, etc.

People are scared but well organized. They would rather prefer to stay in their houses than escaping. If not, they would have already escaped out of Kiev.
For the moment, people have food and all necessary means to survive.

Everyone is waiting for it (the war) to end as soon as possible.”

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