01 March 2022
01 Mar 2022

War in Ukraine

The voice of the dehonians on the conflict in Ukraine

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01 April 2022

Mediation: the old logic of power

The Vatican again expressed its openness to mediation with a prior agreement on a cease-fire, but there was no response from Russia. The Apostolic Nuncio in Kiev, the Lithuanian Visvaldas Kulbokas, said: "To negotiate, it is necessary to get out of the political-military scheme that leads nowhere; it would be easier if the Catholic and Orthodox Churches joined their efforts for this mediation".

28 March 2022Sergio Rotasperti scj  

Ukraine: Fr. Andrzej Oleinik and Siergiej Babic recount their wartime mission.

Fr. Andrzej Oleinik is a young Moldavian Dehonian priest and Siergiej Babic is a Ukrainian medical student interested in Dehonian religious life. They shared first of all their joy for the opportunity to speak with the Congregation "because we are a family".

13 March 2022

Let’us pray for peace

The Dehonians in Ukraine and the Dehonians from Poland help and support the people who are living the drama of war between Russia and Ukraine.

07 March 2022Slawomir Knopik, scj  

Being together and close according to the charism of Fr. Dehon

The social commitment of many of our communities that have opened their doors to refugees from the Ukraine.

04 March 2022Lorenzo Prezzi SCJ  

Ukraine: Putin, Cyril and the vassals

The expansionist model of Putin's Russia and the refusal of the Orthodox Church in Moscow to characterize the military aggression against Ukraine.

01 March 2022Roman Gorincioi, scj  

Live from Ukraine and Poland

Live from Ukraine and Poland, Dehonians report on war and aid to refugees.

28 February 2022Tadeusz Wołos, scj  

Dehonians in Ukraine beside the people and in their aid

"We do not want to leave our parishioners. We are prepared to survive the next few days": these are the words of Fr. Tadeusz Wołos, superior of the religious community.

26 February 2022Marcello Neri  

Wilmer: attack on the European project

The president of Pax Christi in Germany, Heiner Wilmer, Dehonian bishop of Hildesheim, called Russia's military invasion of Ukraine "an evident vulnus of international law and an attack on the European project".

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