01 November 2017
01 Nov 2017

European Dehonian theologians meet in Brussels

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The Dehonian Theological Commission of Europe met October 20-22 at the SCJ Community in Brussels. In addition to the members of the commission (Frs. Fernando Garrapucho, Krzsztof Napora, Joseph Famerée, Stefan Tertünte and Stefano Zamboni) Fr. Artur Sanecki of the General Council was also present. The committee focused on the reception of the work of the Yogyakarta Seminar with the theme of Charism and Devotions.


They reviewed the insights of Sister Nicla Spezzati on the understanding of the bond between our charism and devotions. Subsequently, it was suggested that there be a seminar focused on Dehonian texts to be offered to European entities in the summer of 2019. Because of this the commission will focus on rereading Couronnes d’amour in the coming months. Another point on the agenda was our contribution to the meeting of the International Theological Commission, particularly in view of the next theological seminar of the Congregation which could have a social focus. Finally, thought was given to the contribution to be made at the Continental Conference in October 2018 in Neustadt which is to be dedicated to youth and vocations (following the theme of the upcoming Synod of Bishops).

The next meeting of the European Theological Commission will be held in Rome in June, 2018.

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