26 November 2017
26 Nov 2017

Dehonian memory

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Behind the “present” of each one of us — of our works, of our lives — there is a past which has brought us to this day. We must not forget our origins, the life and experiences that led to who we are and what we are doing today.

But the past does not have meaning if we do not remember it, if the events that most marked the path to which we are called are not celebrated.

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November 26, dedicated to the Dehonian Memory, allows us to do just that: remember the moments and the people who came before us, never forgetting that through these people, through the sad events that affected them, we must to find and regain the inspiring grace that made us choose to be servants of Christ to witness his love for all.

Why choose November 26 as the Day of Dehonian Memory? November 26 is the day of the death of our Servant of God, André Prévot, and is the day when our Bishop, Wittebols, along with many other religious, were found in the Belgian Congo by the rebels. It is, therefore, a day full of meaning in which we want to remember our martyrs: the ones just noted, our Blessed Juan de la Cruz, but also all the others who in the last century lost their lives because of their faith, the reason for their dedication in the witness of Christian life, because of their infinite love for God.

These are examples that must push us forward in our journey of faith and witness of love, with the conviction that all of them are neighbors and through them, through their intercession for us, we can feel that the Lord always accompanies us and he never leaves us, even in difficult times, in the most extreme situations, and always gives us the strength to live and witness our faith, as he did with all our martyrs.

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