Dehonian Remembrance Day 2022

With open heart » 26 November 2022

On November 26, we will celebrate the Dehonian Memorial Day. The confreres who work on the Generalate have prepared some resources to celebrate this day. This year we would like to present the figure of Fr. André Prévot to make him known as a virtuous man.

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Sunday, November 26, 1913. 109 years ago, the great novice master of the Congregation just born in 1878 died in Brugelette (Belgium). Father Leone André Prévot was 73 years old. Born in Le Teil (France), he became a priest in 1865, a member of the diocese of Aix, where he developed pastoral initiatives that attracted the population of the city, and where his reputation for holiness spread, calling him “the new Curé of Ars”. But his vocation was his religious life and the spirituality of the victim and of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. He came into contact with Father Dehon and on September 22, 1885 he made his first vows in San Quentin.

In the Congregation he played various roles: novice master for many years, superior of various communities, superior of the western province and general assistant of the Congregation.

On his death, Father Dehon commemorated him as “his most worthy son”, “the repairman par excellence”, writing to the whole Congregation that “our Saint is dead”.

Every year, on November 26, we celebrate Dehonian Remembrance Day, in which we remember our confreres who lived the Gospel in a heroic way. We present the figure of Father André Prévot, who exercised the theological and human virtues to a heroic degree and who, therefore, is pointed out to the Christian community and to the world as a living example of total and faithful conformation to Christ and his Gospel.

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