16 October 2018
16 Oct 2018

Formation Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

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During the last General Chapter (July, 2018) information was sharedabout ongoing formation, including a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. It was noted that participation in the pilgrimage is for anyone in formation ministry, not just those taking part in the extended program in Rome. The pilgrimage will follow in the footsteps of Fr. Dehon. The Formation Program at the General Curia is coordinated by Frs. Zeferino Policarpo, Sergio Rotasperti and Ricardo Freire.

Who may take part in the pilgrimage?

The pilgrimage is primarily designed for confreres who are attending the Dehonian Formation Course in Rome organized by the General Curia, and for confreres who, in the entities, currently work in the field of initial formation (Postulancy, Novitiate and Scholasticate). If there is space, the invitation will be extended to other confreres. The trip can accommodate 35-40 people.


This lifelong learning initiative will be in three stages:

First part: Preparation

Participants must arrive at the Generalate (Rome) by July 1, 2019. In the following days (2-8 July) there will be several morning meetings; afternoons will be free for reading and personal formation. The meeting topics:

02/07: History of the Holy Land: yesterday and today – Fr. Ricardo Freire, SCJ

03/07: Religions in the Holy Land. Holy Land today – Marwan Youssef (Lebanese Melchite priest)

04/07: Father Dehon in the Holy Land: Fr. Francisco Costa, SCJ

05/07: The role of the Holy Land in the life of Father Dehon – Fr. Juan José Arnaiz Ecker, SCJ

06/07: The itinerary of the Pilgrimage – Fr. Zeferino Policarpo, SCJ

07/07: Free day

08/07: Departure from Rome to Tel Aviv

Second part: Pilgrimage to the Holy Land

After initial preparation in Rome, we will make the pilgrimage to the Holy Land following the steps of Father Dehon from 8 to 24 July. This pilgrimage theme: “In the Heart of Jesus with the heart of Father Dehon” and we will take as inspiration the phrase from our Rule of Life: “His way is our way” (Cst 12). See the specific program attached.

Third part: Conclusion

After the trip to the Holy Land, we will return to Rome to conclude with the following program:

25/07: Father Dehon in Rome: Dehonian Places. Conclusion with the commissioning of Christ the King

26/07: Father Dehon and the Rome conferences – Fr. Stefan Tertünte, SCJ

27/07: Evaluation. Final Mass and festive dinner

28/07: Departure

Registration and contacts

Registration is open online until November 15, 2018, at:


For more information, please contact Fr. Zeferino Policarpo: zino@dehonianos.org

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