27 September 2017
27 Sep 2017

Meeting of the Major Superiors of Latin America

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From September 25-29 the major superiors of Latin America’s various entities met in Paraguay. Joining them at the meeting were the Superior General and Vicar General.

The theme was a reflection on the Dehonians’ challenge to respond to the needs of Latin America. What is the response required to meet the image of “a church that goes out.” In light of the program of the general administration, the participants reviewed the themes of animation and missions and evaluated various meetings with the entities with a positive outlook and an openness to proposals.

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A two-fold focus must be with the new group that is preparing to animate Uruguay’s mission. At this stage it is important to be positive, knowing that paths can be taken and that there are many possibilities in the present reality. In particular, it is important to accommodate what is learned from the “meta” that makes it possible to find opportunities where often only limitations and interruptions are seen. It is the story of salvation which is a story of loyalty and openness.

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At this stage, a method, synthesized in the words of Pope Francis, must not be missed: “Start processes rather than occupy spaces.” This allows one to work long-term without obsession with immediate results, and withstand difficult and adverse situations or project changes. The actions that generate new dynamics between people and for the benefit of people must take priority.

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