Spiritual Center Kluczbork

Kluczbork (Poland)

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The first Dehonians arrived in Kluczbork (POL) in 1988. The original plan was to build a center for the rehabilitation of missionaries. As the project progressed, its purpose changed and it was oriented towards a house of spirituality, capable of organizing retreats for both laity and religious. This is currently the main mission of the house.

What do we do? The major part of the activity is dedicated to families. Various proposals are offered to them: courses for engaged couples, workshops for communication in the family, retreats for couples in difficulty. Time is reserved for spiritual accompaniment. There is no lack of proposals to spend days with the Dehonian community and to experience strong moments, such as the Easter triduum.

Many movements for families, such as the Teams of Our Lady, find in the Dehonians a place to carry out their initiatives.

Thinking of a Dehonian characteristic of our work, hospitality with an open heart and mind is specific to the spirituality center in Kluczbork. Reparatory Adoration, lectio divina, and Eucharist on many occasions are part of the formative proposals.

Looking to the future, two main challenges appear for our spiritual center. The first is to respond in the best way possible to the Christian formation needs of today’s families. A second one concerns the renovation of the house, so that it may become a more welcoming place for guests and more suitable for families with many children.

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