Bethany Spirituality Center

Porto (Portugal)

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The Bethany Spirituality Center is a house that belongs to the Portuguese province of the Priests of the Heart of Jesus and is located in the Municipality of Paredes, District of Porto. It was inaugurated on September 14, 2003.

Since its inauguration, this house was designed to be a Spirituality Center with its own program of retreats and moments of formation and reflection for lay people linked to our communities and the Diocese of Oporto. We also make our facilities available to other prayer groups that request them for meetings of this kind.

Our Spirituality Center has 12 rooms with a total capacity of 36 beds. It has common areas like the chapel, the lounge, the meeting rooms, and the bar that provide the space with conditions for a good stay for small groups. Around the house a forest with a stream completes the atmosphere of serenity necessary for this type of house and activity.

As a community, besides the activity of the Spirituality Center, we have the responsibility of the SAM (Mission Support Service) and the pastoral care of 4 parishes: Besteiros, Cristelo, Duas Igrejas and Sobrosa.

As a community, the Dehonian characteristics that are most evident among us are fraternity and availability, which are concretized in mutual help and availability for the mission, considering the work of each one as a responsibility of all. One of the characteristics of our community is also the constant concern to share and involve the laity in the spirit of our charism and our mission. From the ecclesial point of view we are also a reference of support and union with the priests of the vicariate of Paredes.

At this moment the main goal is to resume the activity of the Spirituality Center, after this prolonged time of pandemic and work together with other spirituality centers of the province to have programs that complement each other and lead to a better management of people and resources.


Bethany Spirituality Center
Travessa de Palhais, nº 114
Phone: 255871800

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