16 March 2017
16 Mar 2017

The Birth of Fr. Dehon

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Typically when you remember an important date you find a way to give it meaning. On March 14 the congregation celebrates across all of the continents. Twenty-four hours are characterized by Dehonian efforts. At the International College Fr. General set the tone for this Dehonian day during the Eucharistic celebration. He asked what it meant for a Dehonian to sit in the chair of Moses.

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First, the Dehonian is inserted into the reality of this story that turns our attention to art, and in particular, modern art. It is able to surprise, leaving one stunned but not lacking for those who may be dismayed or bewildered. There is no doubt that artists are able to tell the story of life today; they should not be dismissed lightly.

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A second aspect is life-giving. The Dehonian performs his task by promoting, leaving signs of effectiveness without having to impose the example of Moses. This is certainly a fundamental presence to the people of Israel but of him we do not have the tomb, after his death you lose track of the children and wife. There were lighted candles. “What elegance!” Finally, the Dehonian serves with enthusiasm, knowing for what and for whom he has invested his life.

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