25 August 2018
25 Aug 2018

The joy of new births in the province

by  Hervé Ndeffeu Fogang, scj

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After the celebration of the entrance of 15 novices to the noviciate (11 for the Cameroonian province and 4 for the South African province), on Sunday morning, 12th August 2018, the ceremony of the first religious profession was celebrated.

Four novices (Fabrise Pekwefah, Roméo Wilfried Mot, Bermondo Tonton Donken and Nigel Suiraleng Nyuydze) were called to profess the vows of chastity, poverty and obedience. It was during a mass presided by Rev. Fr. Jean Marie Signié, the Provincial Superior, that this youths accepted to fallow Christ in the religious life. They were supported by the entire community of Saint Anne’s Parish Ndoungué, with both families and friends. More than ten priests concelebrated the Eucharist. Among them were Fr. Léopold Mfouakouet, the General Councillor for Africa, Fr. Bernard Sompane, the Provincial Superior of South Africa and Fr. Giovanni Pross who preached the retreat by which the brothers were prepared for the profession.

Through the readings of the 19th Sunday of the ordinary time year C, Fr. Léopold in his homily, told the novices that Jesus did not do according to what is natural. He gave to the history a new direction. The preacher invited the novices to sit down and organize themselves, whenever they are tempted by the natural tendency of the flesh, in order to orientate their lives in a way that respect the will of God.

In a word of thanks, the newly profess expressed their joy and said; they remembered from their noviciate that they should be happy to be religious, having in mind that people don’t need from them a speech, but a testimony.

At the end of the beautiful celebration, all the guests shared a meal, thanking God for his marvels.

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