28 November 2017
28 Nov 2017

To feel with the Church

by  Rinaldo Paganelli,scj

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On a day when the Major Superiors reflected on their relationship with the Church there were two events that reinforced the topic: their meeting with Pope Francis at the general audience on Wednesday (November 23) in St. Peter’s Square, and the meeting with Bishop Giancarlo Bregantini, bishop of the diocese of Campobasso.

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Of the first moment, we do not need to say much because everyone could see photos posted on the various mobile devices in the hands of the participants. I did not miss the many “likes” and comments on Facebook posts that were too numerable to count.

Msgr. Bregantini was asked to give a presentation on “Relations Between Our Service as Religious and the Local Church”. We must first emphasize its testimonial value. He then left words that provoked thought, rather than directions for action. Particularly for a superior it is important to identify and point out the essential points of consecrated life.

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Another topic that he emphasized was the need to “accompany.” This relates to the people or the paths that are being put in place to trigger an initiative or to bring one to an end.

Everyone wants foresight; many claim it, many have dreams. But a superior must seek and nourish it. It is also to be lived in a relationship that does not diminish him or the bishop, but puts into play a third important protagonist: the people.

Contacting and referencing people helps the superior stay based in reality, reading complexities to find out the richness and possibilities inherent in every story and life path.

By shaping these words, one finds himself in a world of concreteness in which through wisdom one can be welcomed.

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