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12 January 2022Mário Henrique da Costa Nunes, scj & Renato Vieira Lima, scj  

Convent Sustainable and Solidarity

Conversion to ecological education and spirituality.

28 December 2021Mário Henrique da Costa Nunes, scj  

Building bridges with a willingness to cross them

In this interview we will get to know a little more about the work and reflections of our confrere.

01 December 2021Fernanda Melo  

The compassion fatigue

The BRE Province held a Permanent Formation Meeting for the religious with the theme: "The compassion fatigue. The burnout syndrome and the exhaustion of religious today".

24 November 2021Aline Herculano  

Communicating beyond the social networks

The Second Meeting of BRE Province Collaborators took place November 5-7 in João Pessoa, Brazil, with the theme "New Networks, New Seas".

26 July 2021Renato Lima scj  

#scjnews l 12

Interview with Father Eli Lobato dos Santos, scj elected Superior Provincial of the BSP

15 July 2021Danilo Cardoso, scj  

#scjnews l 10

Interview with Fr. Sildo César da Costa, the new Provincial Superior of the BRM Province

17 June 2021Gilberto Heleno, scj  

Faith to React, Reinvent Yourself and Start Over!

Fr. Gilberto Heleno scj recently published a book on faith: "The present book," he writes, "intends to encourage the reader in the search for faith and to apply it in the concreteness of his daily life."

03 June 2021Rarden Pedrosa, scj  

Morte. Morte?

Death. Death? the same word in opposite intonations. Philosophy as the "mother of wisdom" is faced with a problem involving man, world, time, etc.  Fr. Rarden Pedrosa publishes a philosophical reflection on the Heideggerian perspective


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