15 November 2019
15 Nov 2019

Entity Superiors Meeting – report 5

by  zeferino Policarpo, scj

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2019-11-15Today, the meeting of the Superiors of the Entities began at 6.30 am with Adoration and morning prayer together with the community of the General House.

In the meeting room, the Superior General introduced the work with a reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus. The expression, “TGIF” (Thank God it’s Friday), brings to mind the memory of the Passion of Jesus. But we know that this was not the end. Death followed the Resurrection, and the disciples were the privileged witnesses of these events and thus accepted the surprises of God. We too are invited to continue this network of witnesses and to show this way of life to the men and women of our world.

During the morning the Superiors of the Entities did their work in groups divided by geographical areas: Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and North America. The aim was to reflect on the local reality, plan the next initiatives and present proposals to the General Government.

In the afternoon, in plenary, participants shared what had been discussed in the groups. The topic of the formation of young religious is an absolute priority on all continents: the Congregation is moving towards an increasingly international formation, with the exchange of formators and those in formation, and it was suggested that the General Government accompany this exchange of religious. Furthermore, the economic sustainability of the international formation houses, the financial support of the students and the training of the formators was reflected on. The path of collaboration, at different levels, already underway between the entities was also highlighted. Other activities that require attention are vocation ministry and campus ministry. In this regard, considering the number of Entities already working in this field, it has been noted that the time has come to undertake greater international coordination.

The final part of the day was reserved for planning and gathering proposals for the next General Conference to be held in the Philippines in 2021.

Finally, Father Artur Sanecki presented the reality of the Congregational Spirituality Centers. Attention to these Centers is one of the priorities of the General Government, which thus wishes to continue Father Dehon’s plan to have houses of Perpetual Adoration in the Congregation. To this end, the General Government intends to promote collaboration between spirituality centers to create a network of collaboration between these centers and to create these spaces in the Entities where they are not yet present, thinking of a Dehonian style of spiritual exercises, faithful to the legacy of Father Dehon. A meeting is planned for the directors of spirituality centers in view of a more common dynamic of work.

The meeting of the Superiors of Entities concluded with the celebration of the Eucharist, presided over by the Superior General, during which the new General Councilor, Fr. Vincentius Sri Herimanto, who replaces Fr. Alex Sapta, was sworn in.

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