14 January 2017
14 Jan 2017

Novitiate Day

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2017-01-14 IND

Sacred Heart Ashram celebrated the Novitiate day on 8th January, 2017, with the theme “Called to be Holy” highlighting the significant event of the Indian saints. The program started with an hour of adoration at 4.30 pm and continued with a colourful and vernacular cultural activities followed by a fellowship meal. The communities of Gorontla, Eluru, and Vembadu were fully present and involved in the program. The religious and well wishers from the neighbourhoods also joined this remarkable celebration leading the participants into above 250. Thanks to every one who supported the program with your prayers as well as with your generous cooperation and involvement. The cultural program consisted of 5 dances, 6 skits, and 2 songs.

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