24 January 2018
24 Jan 2018

Recognition for the meeting

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The bishops were thankful for the meeting organized specifically for them and they unanimously suggested that such meetings continue. The Dehonian charism was very present; this helped them to feel their own sense of being Dehonians, rediscovering the way of doing service with availability, love for the Church and for the Pope.

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The bishops and the General Council were enriched by the days of reflection. The superior general, Fr. Heiner Wilmer, in the concluding Eucharist, saw in the image of David in front of the ark of the covenant the connection that the king established between God and his people. This is a task that everyone can achieve through the rediscovery of prayer. Prayer must come before our many commitments; one gradually learns this in the course of life.

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What the Dehonian bishops experienced can be grasped in the final message that they have sent to the congregation (see attached): “Serene days have been lived in seriousness and seriousness in serenity “.

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