24 February 2021
24 Feb 2021

Reflecting on the Future With Hope

The Dehonians of the Congo Province held their provincial assembly from February 17 to 20. Father Floribert Bulo tells us briefly about this assembly which was held simultaneously in four different locations.

by  Floribert Bulo, scj

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Traditionally, the DRC Province holds its Provincial Assembly in February of each year. In spite of the unavoidable conditions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, this custom has been well and truly respected for this year 2021, of course with certain measures of feasibility.

Coming together despite the Coronavirus

For its success, the Assembly was held by different Zones. In total there are 4 Zones divided into 4 sites: the Site of Kisangani which includes all the communities of Kisangani, two representatives of Basoko and one of Butembo; the Site of Mambasa with the communities of Mambasa, Nduye and Mahagi; the Site of Babonde with the communities of Babonde, Ibambi and Gbonzunzu and finally the Site of Kinshasa which takes our two communities from Kinshasa. With the exception, the community of Kilwa participates from afar.

A retreat before the Assembly

In Kisangani, it all began on Sunday evening with a retreat animated by our confreres: Fr. Jean-Paul Masudi, SCJ, Fr. Hygin Nlandu, SCJ and Fr. Pontien Biajila, SCJ, each one coordinating a day. The theme of the retreat was: “the beauty and goodness of fraternal life in community. Strength of consecrated life”.  After the closing of this retreat on February 16, the following day, February 17, all the Zones effectively began the Provincial Assembly, February 2021. Albert Lingwengwe, SCJ, followed by a message from the Superior General Luis Suarez Codorniu, SCJ, who reassured the DRC Province of the closeness of the General Government during this important moment in the life of the Province. This meeting was a time of intense reflection for the good and the future of the Province, the Congregation and the Church.

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