01 October 2021
01 Oct 2021

The 77th Anniversary of the Death of Fr. Martino Capelli, scj

77 years ago, on 1st October 1944, Fr. Capelli was killed by German Nazis.

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“May I also consecrate to you all my weaknesses, defects, and lukewarmness: you are my Mother, my true Mum, indeed you are to me twice Mother; you always help me get up when I fall, always defend me, always forget my wrongs and keep me under your mantle … For you I must go to Jesus, for whom I alone must live, act, suffer, die. Someday O mother we will meet again on the death bed of my martyrdom. Yes! I will always be yours, all yours. Your son. MARTINO MARIA CAPELLI ”. (Feast of the Immaculate, December 8, 1932)

77 years ago, on 1st October 1944, Fr. Capelli was killed by German Nazis together with the Salesian priest Don Elia Comini and another 39 men, women and children, in Pioppe di Salvaro (about 30 km from Bologna).  The massacre of Monte Sole, also known as the Marzabotto massacre, took place between 29th September and 5th October 1944 where a total of 1830 people were killed. On this day, the commemoration of his martyrdom, we would like to know more deeply the person and life of our brother, Fr. Martino Capelli, and enter into his missionary desire, the passion for his people, and his availability for martyrdom.

Let us also pray for his beatification.


Lord Jesus, good Shepherd,
we thank you for calling
Father Martino Capelli
to live in your Church
as a religious priest,
consecrated to your divine Heart.

We ask you through his prayer
to be strengthened in hope,
rooted in charity,
so that we too
can be a service
of love to you
and to our brothers and sisters
for the joy and glory of the Father.

Heart of Jesus, in your infinite love,
grant us grace …
that we confidently ask you,
through the intercession of Fr. Martino
devoted son of Mary of Sorrows
and ardent apostle of reconciliation
and peace.


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