23 August 2022
23 Aug 2022

The 86th anniversary of the death of Blessed Juan Maria de la Cruz, scj

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 “I love you, Heart of Jesus, I adore you, I thank you for the graces, for the signs of mercy and favor that you have shown me so far. I have offended you so much and you, good Jesus; you won me over with your divine generosity: I was mad with ingratitude and you were mad with love. Today through the purest hands of the Virgin of Sorrows, I offer, dedicate, consecrate myself totally and irrevocably to the Sacred Heart of Jesus my entire body and soul, my freedom, my memory, my will, my intellect. I dedicate this poor heart of mine to him, to immerse it in the flames of his divine Heart”. (Blessed Juan Maria de la Cruz).

86 years ago, on 23 August 1936, Blessed Juan Maria de la Cruz was martyred by the communists in Valencia (Spain). On this day, the day of his martyrdom, we would like to remember the dedicated life of our Protomartyr. He was martyred “in odium fidei”, for defending Christian values. He lived by loving and died by forgiving. Our Blessed is an example for us and his testimony is still valid today. John is the Protector of Dehonian vocations, let us pray on this day that, through his intercession, God may grant our Congregation holy vocations. Let us also pray for his beatification.


God, our Father, You are rich in goodness and mercy,
Grant us that through the intercession of your servant
Blessed Juan Maria de la Cruz, dehonian martyr,
we may imitate his generous life
and commit ourselves to the fullest in the service of vocations.
May we always be witnesses of your love
among the poor and the humble.
In your heart, grant our desire
to see him glorified in the Church.
We hope that, through his prayers,
we can obtain the grace we ask for …
To you who live and reign forever and ever.

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