28 December 2023
28 Dec 2023

The example of the Child Jesus

Meditation by Fr. Dehon on the mystery of Christmas from the first volume of “The Love of the Sacred Heart.”

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The spirit of childlike simplicity is a virtue especially dear to the Heart of Jesus. A child is simple and pure; he abandons l;iimself en­tirely to his mother and is confident of her care. Let us place ourselves in this manner into the hands of Jesus.

Behold Jesus in His infancy. He is altogether simple, obedient, and resigned to the will of Mary and Joseph. Mary places Him on the straw, takes Him up again, presents Him to the shepherds and the Magi, and perhaps gives Him to them to embrace. Jesus permits Himself to be circumcised and to be presented in the Temple. Simeon takes Him in his arms. Joseph carries Him to Egypt and brings Him back.

His life at Nazareth is summed up in a few words, “And Jesus advanced in wisdom and age and grace before God and men” (Luke 2:52). He was submissive and obedient to Mary and Joseph. He is ever a simple Child submissive to His parents.

And we, shall we not be simple, confiding, and trusting in Jesus who has adopted us as His children?


L. Dehon, The Love of the Sacred Heart, 50

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