08 January 2018
08 Jan 2018

The treasurer: a sheep in wolf’s clothing

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Today (January 8), the general course for treasurers got underway at the Dehonians’ general house in Rome. Participants include 16 Dehonians, plus two diocesan priests from the Diocese of Beira (Archbishop Claudio Dalla Zuanna, SCJ, is archbishop of the diocese). The course will be four months long and will end with a pilgrimage to Dehonian places in Europe.

“While the liturgy brings us back to ordinary time, let’s also begin our adventure of formation. Ordinary time brings with it its own special grace, with the taste of assiduous work and the central theme of regularity. The suggestion is that we live the extraordinary event of grace in daily life. With a spirit of gratitude we thank the Lord for all he will give us,” said Fr. Luca Zottoli, SCJ, general treasurer, at the morning Mass.

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In his introduction to the course, Fr. Luca indicated some of the significant qualities of a treasurer, noting things which must be controllable and controlled. The position of a treasurer can sometimes be a source of envy and involves a certain solitude. The need for a good relationship between superior and treasurer is vital, especially when addressing difficulties. The delicacy of this task then leads treasurers to become “sheep in wolf’s clothing,” paraphrasing and interpreting the evangelical saying. The underlying horizon always remains that of being as simple as doves and crafty as snakes, since this task leads to total immersion in the things of the world.

Among the objectives of the course: help participants to get to know each other and to better know the policies of the general administration, as well as the life of the other entities. Fr. Luca said that participants will be taught how to obtain resources from outside the congregation and how to manage the resources already present in order to reach a greater self-reliance in the future.

Balancing the tension between urgent and important things, a good treasurer must also acquire professional skills to learn how to manage the economic reality of his entity effectively and efficiently.

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The general objective of the course is to help make the function of the treasurer’s office more professional, to find a way for all to live in solidarity, regardless of resources. Above all, the course hopes to translate the language of the gospel into terms appropriate for the work –– the ministry –– of the financial well-being of our entities.

The course, organized by the general treasurer and his team, will involve all sectors of the general curia to give participants a deeper knowledge of the congregation.



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