15 January 2018
15 Jan 2018

Venezuelan Regional Assembly: “New wine, new wineskins”

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VEN assemblea-2018-5

The Dehonians of Venezuela celebrated their annual assembly with the theme: “New wine, new wineskins” (Lk 5: 36-39).

The meeting began on January 8th with the opening words of the Regional Superior, Fr. Alejandro Iglesias, who commented on the situation that the country is experiencing at the moment because of the political and social crisis. He also briefly illustrated the work of the previous assembly in order to give continuity to the activities carried out with the Venezuelan people before this complex situation developed.

VEN assemblea-2018-3

Despite the difficulties that our Dehonian confreres have both as a Region and as a part of the country, Fr. Alejandro stressed that “we should not complain about all this, but rather see it in a positive way as an invitation to reflect together on new paths to be undertaken. It makes me think that we must strengthen and take care of fraternal life, devote more time to community life. Perhaps we must pray together more. We hope that this assembly will help us to take small steps towards new paths”.


In this way he invited all the participants to be open to the news that the Gospel offers us and to follow the steps of the Master with joy.

VEN assemblea-2018-1The Spanish Province, in particular, tries to help the Venezuelan Region. You can help the Venezuelan people by providing food and medicine, or by collaborating in the training of young people in this country through the website managed by the ESP province: www.hazlatirelcorazondelmundo.com.


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