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Country: Mozambique

18 October 2021Alessandro Capoferri scj  

Dehonians in Mozambique: serving the people

When a charism meets with a people and a culture, things happen that had never been written before may happen. This is what happened for the Dehonian charism and the dehonians in Mozambique.

03 September 2021

Final vows in Mozambique

Pandemic time, closed churches, calamity time... this is the time in which we live. However, all of this didn’t stop the journey of three young dehonians in Mozambique

09 June 2021P. Luciano Vieira, scj  

Dehonians in Mozambique living Laudato Si

Dehonians and Missionary Company of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Work together implementing Laudato Si

23 April 2021Boris Igor Signe  

The climate crisis and the drama of the displaced people

A conversation with Dehonian Archbishop Claudio Dalla Zuanna, Archbishop of Beira (Mozambique), on the occasion of the recent publication of the Vatican document on climate displaced persons.

22 January 2021Giuseppe Meloni, scj  

Fraternity Builders

News from the Province of Mozambique.

07 February 2017Abel Baptista Sicanso, scj  

Mozambique: Canonical visitation


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