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Country: Venezuela

24 March 2021

“Giving from the little we have”

Dehonians in Caracas open their doors to the neediest people, offering what little they have.

06 February 2021Ángel Volcán, scj  

Annual Assembly of Dehonians of Venezuela

The Dehonians of Venezuela met in an assembly in the middle of January.

24 November 2020Alí Ernesto Villarroel Barreto, scj  

Dehonian meetings to cultivate Spirituality and Fraternity

Three lay people recount their experience of contact with the Dehonians and their spirituality.

21 October 2020Manuel Lagos, scj  

Homicide of Father José Manuel de Jesús Ferreira

P. José was attacked while trying to prevent the assault on some parishioners.

28 September 2020Manuel Lagos, scj  

Challenges in the use of social networks

The Conference of Religious of Venezuela (CONVER) has created a commission for the care and prevention of abuse.

17 August 2020A.E. Villarroel Barreto-R. Aguilar  

Anniversary of the SCJs in Venezuela

On August 17, 1953, the Dehonians arrived in Venezuela from Spain.

30 January 2017Stefan Tertünte, scj  

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