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Country: Venezuela

20 August 2021

#scjnews l 13

Interview with Father General Carlos Luis Suarez, sharing the experience of his visit to the confreres at the new mission in Colombia.

22 July 2021P. Manuel Lagos, scj  

#scjnews l 11

"We have seen a scenario of war in which we thought we were dying". Interview with Angelo Rangel, Dehonian layman and social activist of the San Miguel Arcángel del Cementerio parish in Caracas-Venezuela.

10 July 2021Alejandro Iglesias  

Days of terror in Caracas in the Cemetery Barrio

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest (Mt 11:28).

24 May 2021P. Antonio Teixeira scj  

J.G. Hernández: the Venezuelan ideal in an ideal Venezuelan

On April 30, 2021, Venezuelan physician G. Hernández was beatified. His life was and still remains important for Venezuelans of yesterday and today. But not only that.

21 May 2021

Diaconal Ordination Alí Villarroel

Con gran alegría compartimos con ustedes esta noticia, nuestro hermano Alí Villarroel será ordenado diácono de la Iglesia, lamentablemente será una ceremonia privada donde solo participarán sacerdote, religiosos, seminaristas y familiares, por eso será transmitida por redes social.

24 March 2021

“Giving from the little we have”

Dehonians in Caracas open their doors to the neediest people, offering what little they have.

06 February 2021Ángel Volcán, scj  

Annual Assembly of Dehonians of Venezuela

The Dehonians of Venezuela met in an assembly in the middle of January.

24 November 2020Alí Ernesto Villarroel Barreto, scj  

Dehonian meetings to cultivate Spirituality and Fraternity

Three lay people recount their experience of contact with the Dehonians and their spirituality.


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