08 February 2022
08 Feb 2022

Regional Assembly of Venezuela

"These days were a space where we shared, celebrated and reflected on our mission in these Venezuelan lands."

by  Jesús Camacho

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El Jarillo, Venezuela, January 14, 2022. During these days from January 11 to 14, the confreres of the Venezuelan Region have participated in their Regional Assembly. We began with welcoming words from Fr. Alejandro Iglesias and greetings from the Superior General, Fr. Carlos Luis Suárez Codorniú. The meeting was entitled: “for a Synodal Church.” These days were a space where we shared, celebrated, and reflected on our mission in these Venezuelan lands, reviewing our spiritual, communal, formation, and pastoral life from listening to the report of Fr. Alejandro Iglesias on his management of government in his two terms. We had the company of Fr. Humberto Hidalgo from the District of Ecuador, as a sign of closeness between the two entities. In addition, Fr. José Gregorio González, who belongs to our entity, greeted us from Rome.

The assembly was oriented with a warm atmosphere of fraternity, dialogue and the desire to walk together. We ended our meeting with the inauguration of the new Regional Superior, Fr. Juan Yépez and his council for the term 2022-2025. For this reason, “We give thanks to the One who brings us to live together, who consecrates us to God, and unceasingly throws us back onto the streets of the world in the service of the Gospel” (Constitutions 82).

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