12 April 2023
12 Apr 2023

The Region of Venezuela prepares to celebrate its 70th anniversary

The Region of Venezuela begins its preparations for the celebration of 70 years of SCJ presence in Venezuela.

by  Manuel Lagos, scj

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The Dehonian presence in Venezuela began on August 17, 1953. Manuel Mira Cantó arrived from Spain at 5:00 a.m. to embark on a adventure of exploring these lands. He left Barcelona on July 11, 1953 boarding on the Italian transatlantic liner called “Lucania”. It was a difficult trip as on July 15 the ship got stuck and only continued its journey with the help of auxiliary engines. Finally, Cantó was able to arrive at the port of Almeria where he stayed for fifteen days, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar on August 5.

The Spanish province took on this mission with courage and enthusiasm. After a profound discernment they decided to enter American lands with two main goals: “to give a vital apostolic and spiritual impulse to the Province, and to try to strengthen its chronic economic anemia with possible American contributions…”.

In these 70 years of history and trajectory in Venezuelan lands, we feel deeply grateful to God for the presence and work that the SCJs continue to carry out in Venezuela. We are overflowing with a deep feeling of gratitude to God for the brothers who have passed through these lands, true missionaries who always believe on a Venezuelan presence, which becomes a reality in the faces of the SCJs, mostly Venezuelans; for the lay people who have known how to accept the gift of the charism and who continue to spread it with deep commitment. For all those Venezuelan lay people who had to leave the country due to the phenomenon of migration as a consequence of the difficult social, economic and political situation, taking the charism wherever they go with availability and dedication.

This year, the region is planning to celebrate this milestone, and various formative, missionary, festive and intellectual production activities have been organized. We count on your prayers and ask God to continue assisting us with his Spirit so that this celebration may become an authentic renewal of our religious life and our mission in these lands.

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