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Country: South Africa

21 October 2020Pola Magloire Alain, scj  

Covid-19 in South Africa: How the International House of Formation in Pietermaritzburg is organized

The most affected country in Africa since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic is South Africa.

06 October 2020Chris Grzelak, scj  

Provincial Assembly in South Africa

The South African SCJ Province held its annual Provincial Assembly

21 February 2017Louis-Maïdy Kesakri, scj  

Ordination to diaconate in Pietermaritzburg

18 March 2016Marek Przybyś, scj  

General superior ended his visit to South Africa

10 March 2016Jozef Golonka scj  

The Congregation’s Library

08 March 2016Marek Przybyś, scj  

Fr. General continues his visit in South Africa


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