14 November 2022
14 Nov 2022

Visit of the Superior General to South Africa

Since October 29 the Superior General has been on a canonical visit to South Africa. He has completed a week at the Dehon International Formation House in Pietermaritzburg.

by  Sylvester Mutale, scj

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As part of his visit to our community, the Superior General, after having spoken individually with all the members of the community, had a meeting with the whole community on 4 November with the General Councillor, Fr. Charles Koudjou, who accompanied him. During this meeting he shared the letter of Fr Dehon  dated 29/12/1924, which was originally addressed to the Novice master of the Italian Province in which Fr Dehon asked the novice master to instill the Spirit of Humility, the spirit of Prayer and Charity in the life  of  the Novices in the spirit of imitation of the life in Nazareth. Through which Fr General challenged the community members to always act in the spirit of Humility and charity towards one another as Fr Dehon desired his followers to share their life in community life. In the spirit of imitation of the life of Jesus in Nazareth as Jesus prepared Himself for His Ministry.  Fr General invited the Brothers scholastics to always act in Humility and Charity as they prepare for the future Ministry towards each other with the orientation to grow into our Dehonian spirituality.

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